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Meet Our Team



Bethany Ewald BultmanCo-Founding Director (Pro Bono)

Erica DudasManaging Director

Lizz FreemanOffice Administration

Kari Elgin – Outreach

Shelly Thomas – Support

Stacey Morigeau – Musician Resource Director

Betina Brockamp – Project Coordinator

Katherine Klimitas – Graphic Designer

Christian Kuffner NOMAF/NOMC Webmaster
Desire Studios

Laura SchweigmanFriends of the NOMC Coordinator

Rose Mancini, RNVolunteer NOMC Medical Quality Assurance Coordinator

Bourgeois Bennett CPAs & ConsultantsCPA
Bourgeois Bennett

Mark A. Cunningham, Esq & Jones WalkerLegal Counsel

Bethany Bultman – President and Director, NOMAF

If you ask Bethany Bultman what she does, she will tell you, “I am the crust of bread the puts the cultural peas on the fork.”  Her career goal is to be redundant. “I will know I succeeded if no one recalls that New Orleans was once an early grave for its cultural icons.”  Her career as a journalist in New York took her the world over.  As a cultural anthropologist, she is known for her vibrant insights and historical commentary.  She and he husband Johann are civil rights activists who founded the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic in 1998 and subsequently the New Orleans Musicians’ Assistance Foundation in 2005.  Today, Bultman remains a vibrant Tour de Force in the New Orleans community. email: bb@neworleansmusiciansclinic.org 


Erica Dudas – Managing Director, NOMAF
Erica Dudas, NOMAF’s Managing Director, came to NOMAF in 2011.  An experienced nonprofit manager, she also taught at Tulane University after gaining her degree in Sociology in 2006.  She is an ardent supporter of community based education and is passionate about supporting the creative and professional development of New Orleanians through active and meaningful outreach.  She brings cultural knowledge gained from extensive travels in Africa, the Caribbean and Europe to her mission of promoting healthy living and health management to local musicians. email: EricaDudas@nomaf.org


Stacey Morigeau – Prevent Death by Lifestyle- Save New Orleans Sounds Coordinator
Stacey Morigeau is a lifetime live music supporter and a graduate from the University of Montana with a BA in Drama.  Stacey is the primary Safe Sounds Coordinator and Programs Coordinator for the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation.  In addition to the work she does to sustain healthy life styles among New Orleans musicians through NOMAF, Stacey assists local bands by selling merchandise.  Periodically she also serves as a stage manager and has been a volunteer at WWOZ (90.7) for the past 6  years email: programs@nomaf.org


Rose Mancini-  RNVolunteer Prevent Death by Lifestyle Medical Liaison
Rose Mancini, RN, NOMC’s Medical Liaison seeks to PREVENT DEATH BY LIFESTYLE by teaching about healthier eating, exercise and putting what she teaches to work in her own life.  She and her late husband Gunther “Dutch” Seutter owned Fritzel’s European Jazz Pub on Bourbon Street for 29 years which featured traditional jazz.  She first became involved as a donor with the Musicians’ Clinic when their partner, Frances Harding, died of a heart attack at the age of 49 years old.  As an avid baker she enjoys developing cakes that are healthier for everyone but full of flavor by using substitute ingredients such as applesauce to replace oil in the cake.  As the Hospitality Chairperson at her church, St. Luke UMC she is a lead cook on various occasions and strives to promote great tasting food that is lower in fat and salt content. email: rosern@neworleansmusiciansclinic.org


Katherine Klimintas Prevent Death by Lifestyle Program, Graphic Design and Art Director
Katherine Klimitas, NOMC’s Prevent Death By Lifestyle Program’s  art director is a lifelong New Orleanian who graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University New Orleans in 2011 with a BA in graphic design. Born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, even though she is in a wheelchair, she owns her own thriving art and design business, KAK ART & Designs, LLC.  Katherine knows her home town would not be the same without the city’s incredible musicians.  She enjoys helping the musicians manage their health so that they can continue sharing their talent with the city and the world. email: kklimitas@gmail.com






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