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Colon Cancer

If you have questions consult your doctor, not the internet!


A simple screening could save a life
Colonoscopies are recommended to all patients 50 or older. A colonoscopy is a safe, painless outpatient procedure used to check for cancer or precancerous growths (polyps).
Colon Cancer often presents little or no symptoms, making a preventive screening your best defense.*
*Those with a family history of colon cancer should get a screening ~10 years ahead of schedule. Talk to your doctor about your options. 

Colorectal Cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable!


Lifestyle changes may reduce your risk of Colon Cancer. Take steps to:

        • Get a screening

        • Eat healthy and exercise

          • A good diet for digestive health means less red meat, more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Alcohol only in moderation.
        • Quit smoking

        • Maintain a healthy weight   




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