Thanks so much to all those who donated their in-kind services to Keep the Music Alive in 2009

LSU Healthcare Network MDs$ 111,400.00
LSU Healthcare Network medical office$ 94,000.00
NOMC &AF Director$ 120,000.00
CFO and Medical Partner Coordinator$ 225,000.00
NOMC Medical Director$ 24,000.00
Ancillary Medical/Dental$ 18,500.00
NOMC& AF Legal$ 12,00.00
Physical Therapists$ 6,000.00
Accountant$ 5,000.00
Accupuncture$ 3,000.00
Donated Graphic design and video services$ 8,000.00
Facility Usage – Norwegian Seaman’s Church$ 1,950.00
Re-release of CD “Get You a Healin'” musicians and publishing$ 44,000.00