A new study shows public health is headed in the wrong direction. Among the findings, New Orleans’ men have among the shortest life expectancies in the nation.

When we meet Lionel Ferbos, he’s looking dapper in his pressed suit and Meyer hat. It’s tough to believe the old chap is about to turn a hundred. It’s even tougher to believe he still plays a paid gig every weekend. The 99 year old jazz musician says, “I’m healthy enough to do it and my brain’s still working right, so I might as well use it while it’s there.”

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If he wishes to, Lionel Ferbos has the lung power to blow out all 100 candles adorning a glowing cake on his birthday on July 17, 2011. That the trumpeter and singer, who hits the century mark on that day, boasts the ability to lead his band every Saturday night at the Palm Court and practice his horn daily, proves he’s up to the task. Dispelling any doubts is the fact that Ferbos has been playing trumpet for an amazing 85 years.

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