Impact of Recent LA Health Fund Cuts

Dear NOMC Patients, Community Supporters, and Volunteers:
As you know, New Orleans’ musicians face a multitude of financial and health challenges, which directly (or indirectly) affect their physical and mental well-being. Now we are sorry to report, they are facing depleted health resources in our state. We at the NOMC believe that they DESERVE the HIGHEST quality of health care we can provide at an AFFORDABLE cost!
We are asking for your help to keep New Orleans’ music ALIVE
This sudden crisis is a result of Governor Bobby Jindal’s recent decision to decline Louisiana’s participation in the Medicaid expansion per the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and the diversion of Federal Medicaid funding to coastal restoration.  This will impact NOMC by cutting its Medicaid/GNOCHC funding by 15% which will result in an across-the-board cut in the services to NOMC & AF and to our medical partners.
The result is that in order to continue to afford to provide our network of medical services to our clients, we must find new sources of income and, with regret, cut back certain social and preventative services to deploy ALL our resources to support medical and mental care.
We want to assure you, the sky is NOT falling, BUT WE ARE FACING A HEAVY DOWNPOUR. Since the NOMC’s founding 14 years ago, we have had to weather many challenges, but we have successfully OVERCOME them to evolve into a vital resource for those we serve.
In order to meet this latest financial CRISIS, effective August 1, 2012, we are asking our patients to each contribute $10 per visit as co-pay and we are diverting money (we hope temporarily) from other NOMAF programs to the NOMC. At the same time we are working around the clock to secure new sources of funding which will support and sustain our important work so we can continue to provide the medical, social and advocacy services our clients need to keep New Orleans’ Music ALIVE.
Below are 3 important announcements from the NOMC regarding patient care and community support.  Please direct any inquiries or follow up to
Bethany and Johann Bultman
Founders, New Orleans Musicians Clinic


Due to the recent, unexpected and drastic state Medicaid and federal medical budget cuts, it is urgent that the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic (NOMC) implement a $10 mandatory patient co-pay to fill the gap in our 2012 budget and ensure that we keep music ALIVE.
Insured NOMC patients shall pay the co-pay required by their medical insurance policy.
(Note: NOMC patients with GNOCHC coverage or LA Medicaid are exempt from this co-pay per their policy.)

Suspension of the NOMAF Emergency Fund

With great regret, we must cut back the financial aid we provide our patients via our NOMAF Emergency Fund so that we can focus more of our resources on NOMC medical care.

NOMC and AF Donor Appeal

Over the next 5 months, in order to bridge the funding gap for our essential patient services, we hope you will help us raise $300,000.00. Our musicians deserve quality, affordable health care and the NOMC is committed to our mission of delivering these important services.

Please stay tuned and help us raise support during our upcoming fall giving campaign.  Please email with inquiries, suggestions and followup.
Donations can be made directly at or