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We’ve partnered with EarPeace to bring you professional grade hearing protection. EarPeace ear plugs provide exceptional sound clarity, are comfortable to wear and come in a handy NOMC case you can attach to your keychain!

Prolonged exposure to loud, harmful noise is the most common cause of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, a permanent hearing impairment. Hearing loss (in most cases) is preventable by taking precautions when exposed to loud soundsFACT: The best line of defense is wearing ear plugs!

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NOMC EarPeace Earplug Testimonials

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Robin Lloyd, jazz and blues host at KNKX-FM in Seattle/Tacoma says, “I review a lot of recordings and do a fair amount of audio production, so I want to retain what’s left of my hearing.  I’m often at concerts and clubs where it’s just too loud, and the Ear Peace earplugs save my ears without sacrificing my enjoyment of the music.  Michael and I have been donating to the New Orleans Musicians Clinic for several years, and we’re delighted to support them through the EarPeace promotion.”

Michael Slivka, professional drummer from Seattle, WA says: “The EarPeace earplugs are great!  They filter out the most harmful frequencies and I can still hear everything I need to hear on the bandstand.  And there’s a spare earplug included in the bottom portion of the case, which is smart, because you know you’re going to drop or misplace one while you’re on the gig.”

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