. Kindness Ball - NOVEMBER 29, 2018 - New Orleans Musicians' Clinic

Kindness Ball – NOVEMBER 29, 2018

The Kindness Ball Fundraiser & Dance Party at Tigermen benefits the NOMC! 


The Kindness Ball

Come be uplifted! Welcome to The Kindness Ball. Celebrate living in a sacred, joyous, kind and loving way. We are, each one of us, connected to each other. Time to bring forth our true essence, to celebrate the importance of living in gentle harmony. Share your loving, kind heart. Give and receive. Drop your troubles at the door. Feel the joy in connecting with other beautiful radiant humans.

Dance: The night away with DJ Rexual Healing (Rex Marshall)
Cocktails: Artisanal elixirs crafted by The Milkfig
Dress: Fancy dress-up!
Admission: $10 / ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY / Space is limited

Go to Paypal.com
Click on: Money, then Send or Request Money
Send to: Family or Friends (there is no fee this way)
Enter this email: MyKindnessFeedsOthers@gmail.com
NOTE: There are no actual tickets – name will be listed at the door.

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Ball ends at 9:30. Lights out promptly at 10 pm.
This is a special event that benefits The Musicians’ Clinic

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