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September 2005- December 2014



December 2014

Thank you for applying for a Gig Fund grant in 2014.  We were able to provide music to 55 non-profit organizations throughout the Greater New Orleans area this year alone, sponsoring more than 400 musicians.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic saw the need to provide funding for musical performances so that our local musicians had an income and way to make a living in a city that was rebuilding.

Now as we approach the 10th anniversary of this life-changing catastrophe we are very proud that the NOMAF gig fund invested a total of $1.4 million in live music performances in local schools, churches, elder centers, farmers markets, and community events, giving each musician a base of $100 per man per gig in healthy, smoke-free, acoustically monitored venues.

As of December 2014, I along with the NOMAF board proudly announce that we have achieved our goal of ensuring that music continues in our community. Now we must re-focus our mission of keeping our beloved musicians alive by investing all of our resources to ensure the well-being of the 2500+ patients who depend on the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic’s innovative, compassionate Patient-Centered Medical Home for their comprehensive and occupational health care and social services.

Once again thank you for participating to keep the music alive in New Orleans, I wish everyone good luck and GREAT music with your future events.  I have enjoyed working with each one of you.


Stacey Morigeau, Musician Resource Director








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