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Herman Ernest Health Screening Events

NOMAF and Tulane held the Herman Ernest Memorial Screening in March 2012, marking the one year anniversary of the death of Herman Ernest.  The memorial screening took place at the Greater Liberty Baptist Church.  During the memorial service, guest speakers close to Herman spoke about what Herman meant to them and the importance of early detection of head and neck cancers.


Herman Ernest Memorial Health Screening Initiative – March 18th, 2012


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The guest speakers included:  Dr. Paul Friedlander (Herman’s surgeon), Dr. John (Herman’s longtime friend and bandleader), Gregory Davis (Herman’s friend, fellow musician, and cancer survivor), and Beatrice Webb (Herman’s mother and active member of the church).  Following the inspirational service, nearly 100 members of Herman’s church got screened for head and neck cancer.   Thus, Herman’s kind spirit and  legacy for giving back to his community does live on.

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