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Water Challenge


Staying hydrated is an easy, effective way to improve overall health and well-being.



Benefits of Staying Hydrated

  • Regulates body temperature
  • Promotes weight loss by increasing satiety and boosting metabolism
  • Helps treat and prevent headaches
  • Supports healthy airflow by thinning congestion and moistening nasal passages 







Interested in joining?  Here’s how:


Step 1: Make a donation* to the NOMC and receive a specialty water bottle. Fill out the sign up form below to begin. (scroll down for form)

Step 2: Calculate your daily water intake goal. (please click on our How Much Water Should I Drink Daily? chart for reference). Challenge yourself to meet your goal every day for the next 30 days. For every day you do, mark it off on the punch card.


Click on chart to enlarge



Step 3: Track your success and promote the challenge using #waterchallenge on social media! Join our Water Challenge Facebook Page for motivational posts, fun photos and tips to help you meet your goals!


(*suggested $20 donation for specialty water bottle + additional shipping expense if not in the New Orleans Area)




Please include your name and contact info




 Tips for Success:

  1. Get a buddy to sign up and stay accountable!
  2. Stay updated and Join the NOMC Water Challenge Facebook Group. Use #waterchallenge on social media.
  3. Stick with it! It’s OK if it takes longer than 30 days to do this challenge. Take your water bottle with you and refill everywhere you go.
  4. Flavor your water! See our Infused Water Recipe for some healthy inspiration

infused water recipe


For more information on the water challenge email office@nomaf.org or call 504- 415 – 3514. 



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