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Parading Feet Initiative

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A preventative health education program working to reduce foot pain and create healthy foot care habits in New Orleans’ beloved marching band directors and members, culture workers, and dance troupe members.

The NOMC & AF’s Parading Feet Initiative aims to provide specialized foot care for the different groups of New Orleans culture workers so they can keep movin’ and groovin’. We do this through regular wellness events and informative materials. 



How many miles will you march this Mardi Gras?

Helpful slideshow on keeping your feet healthy during the busy parading season 




A few facts about foot care: DID YOU KNOW?

  • The foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments and 2500 sweat glands.
  • By the age of 50, most Americans log an amazing 75,000 miles on their feet.
  • Podiatry care for those with diabetes will save the health care system $3.5 Billion per year.
  • Regular podiatric medical care can reduce amputation rates up to 80%
  • Toenails hold clues to your overall health like anemia, circulation, nerve problems and more.
  • 75% of Americans will experience foot problems because of lack of foot care knowledge
  • Shoe shopping in the late afternoon/evening is important to achieve proper shoe sizes



Move YOUR feet to meet DR. MARC LINDY

3fa0ee8The Parading Feet Initiative is led by the NOMAF team and Dr. Marc Lindy, podiatrist and volunteer consultant to the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation. Dr. Lindy is a second generation podiatrist who has practiced for thirty-five years in Detroit, Wellington (New Zealand), and currently Vancouver (Canada). Marc has been invited to speak world-wide about foot-care and foot health. After fixing feet, you can find Dr. Lindy playing the tuba for jazz and chamber orchestras as well as leading the Homegoing Brass Band.



Past Parading Feet Events


NOMC & AF’s Parading Feet Initiative debuts during the 2015 Carnival Season

KIPP Central City Academy’s Marching Tigers

Parading Feet connects band leaders, parents and students to foot care resources. “The goal is to help marching band students focus on their music instead of uncomfortable feet,” says volunteer program manager, Dr. Marc Lindy of Vancouver, Canada, a podiatrist, tuba player and band leader.

“It’s bad – every year we march, we have great, talented students drop out from a parade because his/her feet were killing. With Parading Feet, you will see our students marching and smiling each parade, no excuses,” says Mr. Joshua Speight, band director for KIPP’s new music program, which is the pilot school for NOMC&AF’s initiative.

KIPP’s Central City Academy’s Tiger marching band received a generous donation of anti-blister socks from Wrightsock (North Carolina) and Formthotic insoles from Foot Science International (New Zealand) for each band member just in time to high-step into parade season. See a special thank you video from the KIPP Marching Band leaders and students here!  Hear the story on Inside the Arts with Diane Mack


Summer 2015 Here’s to Good Health: Parading Feet Meet Ups


In July 2015, NOMAF hosted Parading Feet Meet Ups aimed at educating specific groups of parading New Orleans culture workers on specialized foot care for each group.

We held discussions with bartenders/ service workers, dance troupe members, and band directors, educating each group on proper foot care during parade season, healthy habits, how to care for foot pain, what to wear to ensure maximum comfort, and specialized advice to each group. We also hosted Q&A sessions with consulting podiatrist Dr. Marc Lindy in our NOMAF offices. For more information, contact us at info@nomaf.org.





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