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WE HONOR our mission (est. 1998) to support individual musicians, performers and culture bearers. To love music, musicians must be supported financially and emotionally.

WE PROMISE to organize our responsive community programming and medical services around evidence-based resources during this unprecedented health crisis.

WE ENSURE direct communication of culturally sensitive and relevant information and resources to empower NOMC patients and our community. Access to testing, medical care and social connectivity are imperative.

WE BELIEVE that New Orleans’ cultural community is being hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 epidemic. This is due to three unique factors: 1) our region’s social determinants, health care disparity and overwhelmed medical infrastructure 2) the postponement of our iconic spring festival season and the closure of the vibrant network of music venues 3) the intersection of this pandemic with the annual hurricane season June 1 – November 30, 2020.