In the time of Covid-19 performers need to be mindful of instrument hygiene. Besides social distancing with your fellow performers and fans and washing our hands regularly, one of the most important things we can do is keep our instruments clean!

The Importance of Social Distancing

Social distance as if you and every person around you is a Covid-19 carrier.

sick man sneezing next to another man
Chart showing exposure rates


Graphic of electronic device

Clean your phone, iPad and your computer with a soft cloth and 60% alcohol several times a day.

graphic of antibacterial wipes

Before you touch your instrument, mic, soundboard or any other tool of the trade wash your hands before you handle it. Wash/clean/wipe it down whenever possible with antibacterial wipes.

Graphic of guitar case

Be careful where you leave your instrument or equipment, ideally putting it back in its case/container or putting it in a dedicated plastic bag when not in use.

graphic of hand-washing

Insist that if anyone else must handle any of your instruments or gear, that they wash their hands thoroughly beforehand.

graphic of microphone

Wherever possible, don’t share! Microphones are a particular case. With their close contact with mouths and faces they represent a particular risk and should be labelled and allocated to specific performers. If they must be shared they should be thoroughly cleaned, wiped down with disinfectant and have their covers replaced with clean ones after each use.

Graphic of French horn

Musicians whose instruments are played by mouth need to be particularly careful to make sure that the mouthpieces of their instruments don’t go anywhere near anyone or anything except their own mouths. If they do, clean them thoroughly before using them again. (If your instrument needs draining, do so carefully into a disposable container which should then be discarded thoughtfully.)

Graphic of wig

Those performers who wear wigs and makeup should not share them. Even touching a hairspray can that has not been wiped with an anti-bacterial wipe can spread germs.