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The Center for Disease Control and the US Surgeon General stress that smoking and vaping impacts your lungs’ ability to fight off the infection when you are exposed to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Even secondhand smoke exposure is associated with weaker lung function which is a risk factor for COVID-19.

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Among Chinese patients diagnosed with COVID-19 associated pneumonia, the odds of disease progression (including to death) were 14 times higher among people with a history of smoking compared to those who did not smoke.

Young adults are at risk for contracting this virus if they smoke and/or are exposed to secondhand smoke. Those who smoke tobacco, marijuana or crack and those who vape reduce their lung function by introducing particulate matter, toxins, and carcinogens into their lungs.


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Set a date to quit smoking or vaping.

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Encourage friends and family to join you in kicking the habit.

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Talk about your determination to quit so others can offer your encouragement.

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Make a list of the triggers that cause you to want to light up. Create a plan to avoid them.

Let’s face it: It is hard to quit smoking particularly during stressful times. Here are three NOMC recommended FREE web-based programs to help you quit smoking:

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For youth and young adults: e-cigarette quit program: text “DITCHJUUL” to 88709

Parents and other adults looking to help young people quit should text “QUIT” to (202) 899-7550

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