Professor Richard Rose, a native St. Louisan, first heard Alphonse Picou play High Society on Bourbon Street in 1953. Today, this Oxford graduate is a world-renowned political scientist and public policy expert with a professorship in Scotland and offices in Berlin and Florence. To relax he gets out his wire brushes late at night to play along with the extraordinarily syncopated rhythms of Jelly Roll Morton.
Professor Rose first began supporting the Musicians’ Clinic after Katrina when he searched the Internet to find out how he could help keep music alive in New Orleans. Having previously published research in Social Science and Medicine with leading pubic health professors at the University of London he immediately saw the value of activities to help musicians in need get the help to which they were entitled. On successive trips to New Orleans with side trips to Mamou he has seen how we work and progressively increased his donations to help us do things to meet unmet needs based on NOMAF’s specific patient engagement programming as we strive to overcome health inequity – including funding mental health access for local performers.
Professor Rose has generously offered a match of up to $25,000 in donations made to the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic.  Will you join him in supporting the great musicians of this city and their cultural legacy?