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The New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic provides reliable, responsive, patient-centered medical care to more than 2,500+ local culture bearers within the LSUHCN Department of comprehensive Medicine. This innovative partnership includes state-of-the-art electronic medical records, preventative & occupational health outreach and access to a full range of social services.

Our 25-year partnership with LSUHCN provides access to specialists within 16 sub-specialty groups.

The New Orleans Musicians’ Assistance Foundation, which shepherds the NOMC mission, has created community partnerships which allow us to offer access to dental care, discounted pharmacy, physical & occupational therapy &/or ongoing health crises, in coordination with patient assistance programs for current NOMC patients.

To become a patient and/or schedule an appointment, please call (504) 415-3514

In addition to our medical clinic, the New Orleans Musicians’ Assistance Foundation (NOMAF) provides community wellness and advocates for local performers. Learn more.

A performer’s body is an instrument! We keep them in tune.

Contact & Location

New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic

New Patient Appointments: (504) 415-3514

Existing Patient Appointments: (504) 412-1366

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Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Clinic Address

478 S. Johnson Street (At Gravier), 3rd Floor
New Orleans, LA 70112

The Musicians’ Clinic is not open on Saturday or Sunday and does not provide emergency medical care. In the case of an emergency, please DIAL 911 or proceed to the nearest hospital.

New Orleans Musicians’ Assistance Foundation – Administrative Office

1525 Louisiana Ave
New Orleans, LA 70115

Email: info@nomaf.org
Phone: (504) 415-3514
Fax: (504) 895-4396

Hours: Monday – Thursday, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

The NOMC Model

Keeping New Orleans Music Alive Since 1998.

The NOMC Model

Why The NOMC?

While New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, it has long been an early grave for far too many performers. As self-employed independent contractors, our musicians and culture bearers face a multitude of barriers to their well-being, while uplifting us all with their art. For the past 25 years, our founders have shepherded a unique medical network to keep our culture ALIVE.

Sustaining the Model for Care

Nowhere else in the country do healing arts & performing arts intersect to KEEP THE BEAT ALIVE. It is thanks to our innovative 25-year collaboration with the healing arts and LSUHN, the Faculty group practice of LSU Med School, that the NOMC strives to overcome health inequity by providing access and availability to the wide range of medical services we offer.

Overview of Services for Current NOMC Patients

Dental Care

Phase One dental services are intended to return patients to a disease free state of oral health.

Mental Health Counseling

We partner with various medical schools, several private counselors, and NAMI New Orleans to provide mental health services to our members.

Physical Therapy

From repetitive stress injuries to accidents, NOMC is constantly addressing the needs of our members by referring them to partnering Physical Therapy providers.


Prescription medications issued by NOMC medical professionals are available at an affordable cost through the Daughters of Charity Health Center and other available resources.


We partner with Daughters of Charity Optometry  to provide discounted services to our members.