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Tips for Hi Def music listening at home


Advice from an NOMC Donor on preserving your hearing:

“The following may sound both elitist and old fartist- but it comes from one who truly loves music, the fountain of youth.  In my youth, I played my stereo loud to “get into” the music.  As time passes, most listeners lower the volume, but may lose the joy.  So this is what worked for me:

People of any age buying music should have old-school CD’s on their favorite artists, because a high grade CD player  will pull more detail out of the groove than any other medium- forget MP3.  The better the source material that can be forwarded to an amplifier, the better the sound. There are now amps on the market ( e.g. the Peachtree Nova-about $1200) that emulate the sound of much pricier units. The model mentioned also has a great headphone amp- but stay away from ear buds and go to larger open back phones, PLEASE!  Phones should be mainly to please a mate nearby.

Once you have this caliber of equipment- turn off the fan on your AC unit, go to the best speakers you can afford, and hear music in more detail than you have ever heard- at 1/3 the volume of your youth. You can play something like Dr. John’s “Litany de Saints”, and hear a phantasmagoria never imagined.  And your ears will be saved into your old age.”

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