Dr. McConnell was a noted scientist who, before his retirement, served as corporate director of advanced technology at Johnson & Johnson. Widely acknowledged for his medical contributions, Dr. McConnell directed the development of the TB Tine Test to detect tuberculosis, participated in the early development of the polio vaccine, supervised the discovery of Tylenol, was instrumental in developing MRIs, and helped write enabling legislation to map the genome. After his retirement he founded Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) – which currently has 89 member clinics in 28 states providing health care to the uninsured and medically underserved.

Aside from being a brilliant physician and noted philanthropist, Jack was a talented entertainer. His passion for traditional jazz was fostered by his early years stationed in New Orleans with the navy. In 1996, a magic day at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival led to the founding of the Musicians’ Clinic. Visit the History of the NOMC page to learn more about our inspiring founder, Dr. Jack McConnell, and the birth of the NOMC.

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