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Answers to the questions musicians and patients ask us most often.

What is the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic?

The NOMC is a medical clinic offering comprehensive health services housed within the offices of our partner, the LSU Healthcare Network. It is funded through donations and grants to the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation. Its medical referral network includes the resources of the LSU Medical Faculty, the University Hospital System, and Tulane Medical School, St. Anna’s Musicians Medical Mission, the Daughters of Charity Services of New Orleans and community providers within our referral network.

We provide NOMC patients with access to discounted prescriptions, patient assistance programs, lab work and vaccinations. As part of the LSU Healthcare Network all NOMC patients have electronic medical records through the Allscripts System.


Who is eligible to be an NOMC patient?

We offer occupational and comprehensive health services to all members of the New Orleans cultural community. Whether you’re a musician, DJ, vocalist or members of choir, music tradition bearer, member of a Social Aid &  Pleasure Club, Mardi Gras Indian, dancer, actor, artisan, music and cultural photographer or writer. We also serve those who are employed in local music clubs and recording  studios, as well as the service industry, and the household members of our NOMC patients who are age 19 and over.


Where is the Musicians’ Clinic?

The clinic is located at:

3700 St. Charles Ave
Second Floor
New Orleans, LA 70115

(504) 412-1366

(click here to view in Google Maps)


Where do I go during a medical emergency?

Dial 911, or proceed to the nearest hospital. The NOMC does not provide emergency medical care. Our goal is to keep you well so you don’t need the emergency room!


How do I make an appointment at the clinic?

Please call (504) 412-1366 to schedule an appointment with the Musicians’ Clinic.


What if I don’t have health insurance – do I qualify for help from NOMC?

No worries!  The NOMC requires a low co-pay, and then billing is done on a sliding scale fee based on your income, which means you only pay what you can afford. There are grants available to our clinic to help offset the high cost of health services. Our social services coordinator determines your eligibility during your first clinic visit.


What if I don’t have a ride to the clinic?

The NOMC staff will gladly arrange for free medical transportation for you.


What happens if I can’t afford the co-pay?

The NOMC is here to help you. We will try to arrange some aid to assist with the co-pay or if you prefer, we can provide you with a list of FREE clinics near where you live.


What if I have health insurance – do I qualify for help from NOMC?

Of course! If you do have health insurance, you will be asked to provide that information. However, you may be eligible for NOMC programs that may not be offered by your health insurance provider such as psychological counseling, vision, and dental care. Our social services coordinator determines your eligibility during your first clinic visit.


How do I qualify for sliding scale fees?

‘Sliding scale fees’ means you pay what you can afford. In order to qualify for sliding scale fees, you must provide documentation of your household income. We need to know about your household income to determine eligibility for discounted fees. Based on the information you provide, the NOMC staff will determine what percentage of the fees are covered by NOMC.

For example, if the medical service is $250 and your eligibility determines that your portion is 10%, you will be responsible for only the $25 co-pay (which is 10% of $250). However, if the medical fees are $500, you are responsible for the same 10%, you will receive a bill from the LSU Healthcare Network for $50 minus the $25 co-pay. You will therefore owe the difference of $25.

Please bring two of the following documents to your first medical appointment:

  • Recent Tax Return
  • Recording Royalty Statement
  • 1099 Form
  • W-2 form
  • Most recent pay check stub
  • Notarized letter from your bandleader, club owner or manager/agent or employer.

Your income is PRIVATE – just as your medical record is PRIVATE! However, we need details about your household income to determine eligibility for discounted fees. The information is also valuable when applying for grants that help offset the cost of your treatment. The information you provide is kept HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL and is never disclosed in grant applications or other documents.


What happens if I get a huge medical bill that I cannot afford?

The NOMC is part of the LSU Healthcare Network and at times you may receive a bill larger than you expected. We can offer financial assistance only to NOMC patients who receive a written referral from our Family Nurse Practitioner in advance of treatment.

If you seek medical care without a written referral from our Family Nurse Practitioner, you are responsible for the entire bill, regardless of whether or not the doctor is within the LSU Healthcare Network.

If you received a written referral from our Family Nurse Practitioner and receive a bill larger than you expected, do the following:

  1. Make sure you completed the ELIGIBILITY FORM FOR DISCOUNTED SERVICE with the referred doctor. Be sure to keep the information up to date, and keep a copy in your files.
  2. Ask questions before you leave regarding YOUR portion of the medical bill so you will know what to expect. The NOMC staff can assist you in sorting out the paperwork.

Where do I get my prescriptions filled?

The Daughters of Charity Services Health Center can fill many prescriptions written by the NOMC Nurse Practitioner for a charge as low as $8. Some maintenance prescriptions are available for other grant programs. NOMC patients may also select the pharmacy of their choice. Speak to your nurse or NP at your next appointment about questions regarding prescription medication.


NOMC/NOMAF is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.


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