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What To Expect At Your Visit

What to bring, where to go, and more

Where Y’at?!

The New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic (est. 1998) is generously hosted by the LSU Healthcare Network at 3700 St. Charles. Easily accessible by the St. Charles Avenue street car or by car.



If you need a ride, NOMC staff can arrange a taxi for you.

Free Parking

FREE parking is available around the corner in the parking garage located at 3715 Prytania St. You will receive a ticket from the garage as you enter.

You can take the passageway into the clinic on the 3rd level, then take the elevator or stairs down one floor to the 2nd level where the NOMC is located.

You can get your parking ticket validated on the second (2nd) floor at the front desk. Please consult an LSUHN front desk associate.

In the Building


The New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic is located on the second (2nd) floor of the 3700 St. Charles Ave. LSU Health building. Please check in at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. Please note to the front desk that you are a patient of the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic.

What to Expect

Please sign in at the front desk on the 2nd floor. The LSUHN staff will enter or update your information in our Allscripts medical record system. You will be asked to fill out and sign intake paperwork, show proof of ID and Insurance (if applicable). You will also be asked to pay the co-pay upon arrival.

Is there a Co-Payment?

If you have insurance your co-payment is whatever rate your insurance charges for a primary care visit. For Medicaid, Medicare and GNOCHC you owe NO co-pay. All non-GNOCHC eligible and uninsured patients owe $10 co-pay. You may receive an affordable sliding scale pay for some services.


What You Need to Bring:

  • Valid identification with your New Orleans’ address

To help us determine your eligibility for Sliding Scale Fees, we need documentation of your Household Income. You will need to provide two of the following documents:

  • Recent tax return
  • Recording royalty statement
  • 1099 form
  • W-2 form
  • Most recent pay check stub
  • Notarized letter from your bandleader, club owner or manager/ agent or employer.

If you do have health insurance, you will need that information as well.

What Will NOMC Ask You?

The PHQ 9 is a nine (9) question depression scale which you will be asked to complete at the beginning of each NOMC visit. You may refuse to complete this form or ask for the NOMC social worker to better assist you answer the questions.

It will be used by your NOMC provider in diagnosing depression as well as selecting and monitoring your treatment. With this tool our NOMC team will be able to better meet your full healthcare needs.

What to Expect

  1. One of the NOMC staff will call you to an exam room to take your vital signs (blood pressure, weight, etc.) and chat with you about the reasons for your visit to the NOMC.
  2. The NOMC provider will then arrive to see you. She will talk with you, perform an exam and discuss your health concerns, treatments and prevention if necessary.
  3. If your schedule permits, you will already have met with the Social worker to be introduced to the NOMC, University Hospital free care system and GNOCHC. The Social worker is in the office from 9-5 Mon-Fri. If you need any social services or medication assistance the NOMC provider will refer you to her office at time of visit.

You’re Done!

Once your exam is complete, the nurse will give you a printed overview of your visit, next steps, which will include a follow up appointment, referral and a directions as to how to use the LSUHN/ NOMC Patient Portal. The Patient Portal will allow you to access your health records from anywhere in the world, make follow up appointments, contact the NOMC staff, request prescription refills and much more.


NOMC Patient Downloads

Performance Pain Symptom Monitor

Living Will & Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

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