The Safe Sounds Program is a Model Program in Hearing Loss Prevention

The New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic & Assistance Foundation’s Safe Sounds wellness program provides resources and preventive health education aimed at protecting New Orleans’ hearing by working to reduce the number of noise-induced hearing disorders.

Safe Sounds advocates for healthy sound environments with the goal of making New Orleans the nations’ number one acoustic friendly city. Through research, outreach, and preventive health education we strive to create a healthy local music environment for musicians and music lovers alike.

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Program Goals

  • Share research and information on noise and music-induced hearing loss, as well as guidelines for safe sound exposure.
  • Encourage self-efficacy in those in New Orleans’ music environments (i.e., musicians, sound engineers, club owners, music enthusiasts, etc.) by providing strategies for scientifically-approved hearing loss prevention and protection methods.
  • Create a voluntary compliance system or pledge whereby clubs which “Practice Safe Sounds” are recognized and supported for their efforts to reduce noise-related hearing disorders in musicians and cultural workers. Furthermore, consumers can be informed as to which clubs subscribe to these practices.
  • Effectively advocate practicing ‘Safe Sounds’ in order to engage behavioral change and maximize the listening experience in musicians’ rehearsal and performance environments

Safe Sounds Resources

Did You Know?

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Chronic conditions can exacerbate hearing loss

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Moderate noise levels (approx. between 40 – 60 decibels) gets the creative juices flowing.

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Smoking constricts blood vessels and smokers are more susceptible to hearing damage.

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