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Syndey Byrd Photo Collection


The Syndey Byrd Series – A New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic Special Edition

The Syndey Byrd Photo Collection is no longer available for purchase. Thank you to all those who supported Syndey’s work.

Please see the obituary below or visit our Memorials page for more information on the life and legacy of Syndey Byrd. 


Selected images were available until September 1, 2015.



In Memory of Syndey Byrd –  July 3, 1944 –  October 2, 2015


Syndey Byrd, captured by friend and photography legend Herman Leonard.

Syndey Byrd, captured by friend and fellow photographer Herman Leonard.

Syndey Byrd, the renowned documentary photographer whose work chronicled the city’s music, Carnival celebrations and cultural scene in a career that captured some 50,000 images and 40 years, died Friday, October 2. She was 71.

Friend Bethany Bultman of the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation confirmed Byrd died Friday at the Carrington Place nursing facility after a long illness…read more  


For more information on Syndey Byrd and her work please visit our Memorials page.


The NOMAF Syndey Byrd Benevolent Society was created by her family, fellow photographers and friends to ensure her future well-being and that her work speaks eloquently for generations to come.



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