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Throughout the years the NOMC has been the beneficiary of some truly amazing and generous fundraising efforts that have helped us pursue our mission sustaining Louisiana’s musicians in mind, body and spirit

Times Square to Jackson Square

Swept up to New York City by Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans native Pearce Grieshaber finally returned home to New Orleans – on his bicycle! Pearce began his trip on August 29 when he left Times Square and pedaled his way southward. His 40-day journey spanned 2,097 miles through 12 states. Inspired by the struggle of New Orleans musicians, Pearce dedicated his bike trip to NOMC and raised nearly $2,000.

Luther Gray and Fabian Jolivet photo by Syndey Byrd

Congo Square Project

Producer Fabian Jolivet is on a mission to show the world what most musicians have known all along – that New Orleans is the birthplace of American music, and still produces the worlds greatest musicians. Jolivet has amassed a plethora of world class drummers and percussionists to record benefit CD’s to raise money for NOMC. The project retraces the history of American music to New Orleanscity, to raise money for NOMC, and to rebuild awareness of New Orleans at the cornerstone of music as we know it. Fabian once said “Without New Orleans there would be no Beatles. The Beatles were heavily influenced by Fats Domino. Without Fats Domino, there would be no Elvis; without Elvis there would be no Rolling Stones, there’d be no Beatles, there would be no Led Zeppelin, there’d be nothing. So everybody owes New Orleans.” Some contributors include John Densmore (The Doors), Ndugu Chancler (Stevie Wonder, Santana), James Gadson (Frank Sinatra, Beck), Airto Moreiera and Jimmy Cobb (Miles Davis), Leven Helm (The Band) and too many others to mention. For more information, visit www.thecongosquareproject.com.

Press for The Congo Square Project:

Let the Music Do the Talking — By Megan Karasch FOR LA2DAY.COM
When Hurricane Katrina tore across New Orleans submerging 80% of the city in water it took not only lives and houses, it took the city’s soul, its heart, its limbs and its appendages – a.k.a. its music… Armed with the knowledge that New Orleans is a Mecca from which modern music of every genre stems, drummer and producer Fabian Jolivet created The Congo Square Project Foundation which is producing two double albums solely to benefit this once glorious city and its musicians…

Fabian Jolivet’s other projects include The Electro Roots Project and Maya

Sports Illustrated Donation / Photo credit: Elliott J. Thompson

(L-R) SI Swimsuit Model Brooklyn Decker, New Orleans Habitat for Humanity Board Member Bill Wright, New Orleans Habitat for Humanity Assistant Controller Frank Cannon, Jimmy Buffett, President & CEO Foundation for the LSU Health Sciences Center Florence Andre, fiscal agent for the NOMC and Sports Illustrated Group Editor Terry McDonell.

New Orleans Parrot Head Club

A vital and long-time supporter of NOMC, the New Orleans Parrot Head Club sure know how to throw an event all while helping our beloved musician patients.  NOMC is very grateful for their generous donation via proceeds from their annual ‘Six String Music’ Songwriter’s Invitational.  The event features singer/songwriters getting back to their roots by showcasing their original music in intimate settings.

The New Orleans Parrot Head Club

Pictured L-R: Board Member JoEllen Livingston, Six String Chairman Eliot Guerin, Baton Rouge Chairman Kathy Duplantis, local chapter President Susan Polyderas, Vice President Cita Marchese, NOMC’s Beth Fisher and Secretary and Past President Garry Vedros.

New Orleans Parrot Head Club

On September 18th, 2008, the NOMC was happy to accept a generous donation of $7,500 from the Parrot Heads.

Hungarian Ambassador’s CoW

April 27, 2007: Diplomats, musicians and donors traveled from Washington DC, Seoul, New Orleans and Budapest to New York to take part at a special benefit event on Friday night

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Foundation mission statements:

New Orleans Musicians Clinic (NOMC):

The mission of NOMC is to sustain Louisiana’s musicians in mind, body and spirit by developing access to primary care, preventative health services, as well as social and occupational outreach.

Tipitina’s Foundation:
The mission of the Tipitina’s Foundation is to restore Louisiana’s irreplaceable music community and preserve the state’s unique musical cultures. The history of the Tipitina’s Foundation originates from the Tipitina’s music venue, a revered cultural icon that continues to be instrumental in the development and promotion of New Orleans music around the world. The foundation works to support childhood music education, the professional development of adult musicians, and the increased profile and viability of New Orleans music as a cultural, educational, and economic resource.

Production Mission:
Symbiotic Music Productions (SMP) is dedicated in raising proceeds and awareness for the recipients we work with. Our vision is to restore the idea of a benefit show, to insure the greatest positive impact for the organization. By cutting overhead of an event, we find the highest lucrative angle to yield the greatest results. Over the years, we have seen benefit shows losing their meaning and integrity as a fundraiser. We at SMP are motivated in restoring that value with assisting the charitable projects we work with. We are in it for the change, not personal profit! Putting together amazing events with like-minded organizations, venues, musicians, etc. whom are willing to take cuts, to give back to communities in need.

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