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YOU GOT THIS (YGT) Q+  is a specially designed, inclusive mental health outreach program consisting of groups, forums and events for the LGBTQ+ creative community, led by members of this community. YGTQ+ is a compassionate resource advocating for open dialogue and a mindful path to eliminate old patterns by traveling a healthy new path.

Coming soon in New Orleans – a network of YGTQ+ self care forums, salons, yoga, ear acupuncture, storytelling, and music, drama and art therapy and more!

Reba says, “You Got This !”

The icon for YGTQ+ is famed New Orleans drag queen entertainer, Reba Douglas. Reba Douglas / Arthur Severio is a YGT task force member, gay activist photographer and Drag Queen performer for more than 25 years.  Growing up in the 1970s, as the son of a farmer in rural Livingston Parish, Louisiana, provided noted performer and photographer, Arthur Severio with a keen sense of the harsh realties of being different.It was here that Severio developed his skills as an outsider and an observer. Photography became his means to explore and reveal the truth of his vision. It wasn’t until the 1984 New Orleans’ World’s Fair that Severio escaped the country for the French Quarter’s exuberant gay, drag and transgender community, Arthur soon found his place and those pathfinders who fostered this community.

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Recent Events


Reba Says You Got This
  • June 5, 2018PRIDE: A PATH TO SELF CARE, an LGBTQ+ wellness event and panel discussion presented by the NOMC’s You Got This mental health outreach program
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